VPN collects very little data to improve you a fast and reliable VPN service.

What Personal Information do we collect?
such as the unique mobile ID, hardware model,operating system version, language, and network information. We may also use, but never log or store, your IP address to derive your approximate (city-level) location. We use this information to provide and improve the Services, troubleshoot, and perform analytics on our services. Our service providers may collect IP addresses for marketing attribution purposes.

When you connect to the VPN, we collect your IP address, immediately encrypt it and store it only for the duration of your VPN session. Your IP address is deleted after you disconnect from the VPN.

we do not store or log your IP address after you disconnect from the VPN. We do not attribute any specific website visits or app usage to any specific user.We do not keep logs of your online activities and never associate any domains or applications that you use with you, your device, or email.Websites visited via our servers are aggregated and stored to: (1) Perform analytics on our services,including measuring whether our users, in aggregate, are able to successfully access certain websites or apps; (2) Troubleshoot service issues and improve service quality.